watch a short documentary grow tall…

Branching out …

Yes, get used to the tree puns. There are so many and I really just can’t resist using them.

It’s true, we’ve branched out to two lovely blogs:
1) Free People’s BLDG 25 blog

10,000 Trees featured on Free People BLDG 25 Blog

2) Andrea Paulin’s Under a Blue Moon blog

10,000 Trees featured on Under a Blue Moon

Both had very nice things to say in very nice ways.  We’re pretty excited about this exposure because it points people towards our kickstarter page but more importantly, it extends Victor’s message and work out to more and more people.

As I write this, I’ve received a notification that we’ve reached $2400.00 as our 45th generous donor has stepped up to the plate.  The 45th donor happens to be an extremely special person and family member of mine.  She’s been my playmate, third parent, and inspiration from day one: Thank you, Mary Jane Ginsburg (known as Magaw to me and my family), my 91-year-old grandmother who you’ll always find front-row and center at each and every one of my performances, events, etc.  I’m so glad she found a way to be present for this occasion.  The nature of Victor Kaufmann and his tree-planting story leads me to believe my own grandfather, Lawrence Ginsburg, is sitting front row and center as well.


10,000 Trees on the front page of Kickstarter

Speaking of Kickstarter… we haven’t exactly branched out but climbed up a few limbs.  Yesterday (4 days into the launch), you had to dig around for it, but 10,000 Trees was indeed a recommended film.  But today (5 days into the launch), we’re on THE FRONT PAGE OF KICKSTARTER! It may be at the bottom of the front page but hey — that gives us room to grow, right?

This is what Kickstarter says, “What gets featured on Kickstarter is an editorial decision by our staff. We pay particularly close attention to fun projects that use the system creatively, have compelling videos and rewards, and have a nice head of momentum behind them.”

That’s YOU guys.  You’re the momentum that got us recognized 5 days into launching.  So with that said, check out this production blog’s latest addition: the appreciation page.  If Sarah B. and I could write each of your names in the clouds, we would.  Although, if we reach the Kickstarter goal, we’ll be renting an airplane for aerial shots of the land and THEN we’ll write each of your name in the clouds.

Sending waves of warmth your way in the midst of this relentless snowstorm.

— Sarah Ginsburg


One response

  1. I found out about your project through Free People’s blog and I have to say what you are doing is absolutely amazing!!

    February 1, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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