watch a short documentary grow tall…

Color it green…with trees!

Why wind down a movement with so much strength and support? No, we refuse. We’re going to keep marching in this tree parade until time literally runs out.

We’ve had some crazy breakthroughs over the last few days that I still haven’t accepted as reality yet. Here they are:

1) 10,000 TREES OF LOVE at River Gods will go down in the books (atleast my books) as the greatest Valentine’s Day ever to be had. Old friends, new friends, harmless strangers, co-workers, roommates, lovers…they all showed their faces and made the night a success. Check out this little timelapse of the night and give yourself a little hug if you can find yourself amongst the whizzes and blurs of people. I’ll give you a hug too!

2) PHSHHEWWWW is my sigh of relief. We reached our $5,000 goal on Kickstarter. The Valentine’s event at River Gods raised $500 which gave us that push to the finish line. BUT…we’re not running a half marathon here, this is a full blown marathon.  We want our legs to be jello and our mouthes to be foaming from exhaustion. I apologize for these graphic descriptions but this is what I imagine would happen to me if I ever attempted a marathon. But this kind of marathon, a fundraising, film-promoting marathon, I can do!


Kickstarter: Fully Funded...sort of.

We want to be able to hold a celebration for Victor and honor his achievements, don’t you? We’re still raising funds for this and if we continue to do so, you will see the celebration in the finished film. It’ll be just like you’re there.

So, we added a new reward to keep things going.  Spring is coming and little sprouts popping up are just the greatest surprise.  “The Little Sprout” is what we’ve titled our $8.00 pledge category.  With this, you get a digital download of the film.  And get this, if you increase a donation that you’ve already made by $8.00…we’re going to give you that digital download too.  You get a digital download, and you get a digital download, and even YOU get a digital download.  Take a look under your chair son, their might just be a digital download under there.

The Little Sprout

The Little Sprout

3) LEAF PRESSING in blogs and websites galore. We’ve gotten some great press mentions over the last few days. My personal favorite magazine has featured a piece/interview on their website. The writer that interviewed me actually went to Mizzou, the university in my hometown, in Columbia, Missouri. In the article, she mentions her plans to go to True/False, a documentary film festival also in my town. Well, I’m actually going to be at that festival in the few days before flying out to Portland! I hope to grab a drink with Alexa and give her a big ol’ thank you hug for featuring 10,000 Trees in ReadyMade. Read the interview here:



Another great article is being featured on Emerson’s website. Sarah B. is an alumn (weird, right?) and therefore has the ticket in. Check it out here:


Emerson Article

We’re continuing to chug along in preparing for traveling and shooting. Austin Plocher, our audio genius, officially has a ticket purchased. Tabi Musselwhite, our southern belle at River Gods, is creating some pretty rad artwork for the film.

Thank you everybody for following along and making this film a possibility. We’re all branches of the same tree, ey?

Warmly (because yes, it actually is a warm day in Boston),
Sarah Ginsburg


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