watch a short documentary grow tall…

Going out on a limb…

and hitting you with more tree puns in these last 2 days of our Kickstarter campaign.  We’re so close to the end of this campaign that Kickstarter is now measuring the time we have left in HOURS.

We’ve got more than just tree puns though.  Here are some exciting updates just for you:

  1. SUNfiltered – In our last big push for publicity and funds, I did some outreach to eco blogs and writers. I emailed a gentleman named Jeff who runs I noted that he lives in St. Louis, MO (my dad’s birthplace) and my homestate. His response, which popped into my mailbox less than 5 minutes later, only supports the common idea: Midwesterners are just the dern nicest.  It turns out Jeff writes for SUNfiltered as well. Oh, and did I mention SUNfiltered is Sundance Channel’s blog?

I was, and still am, a bit speechless. I’ll leave it at that.

SUNfiltered Blog

2. Little Sprout Success – We’re feeling good about “The Little Sprout” pledge reward we recently added.  I’d say Spring is definitely on the way as these little guys are popping up everywhere.  It also feels good to know that more people will be able to see the film without having to own the DVD.  After all, our number one goal has always been to get Victor’s story out there.

3. Helping Hand – Tabi Musselwhite, my co-worker, friend, artist, and favorite southern born belle, has masterminded and completed a beautiful colored pencil acrylic hybrid piece in lieu of 10,000 Trees. We’ll be posting that soon for all to see and marvel at.

4. Preparation for our Destination – I’ve received a bunch of the camera gear (film kids might call them toys) and have been testing them out the last few days.  Austin, our sound extraordinaire, and I are testing out our audio equipment today.  Step by step, it’s all coming together and we really can’t thank you –yes you the eyes that are reading this, for being a part of this team.  We should make jerseys.


Before I sign off for now, I’d like to apologize on the delayed update.  My excuse is actually related to 10,000 Trees as I was battling with After Effects and creating a 30 second animation for my Motion Graphics class.  Seeing as how I’ve been living, eating, sleeping, breathing, talking, cuddling with, and mumbling jibber jabber about this film, I of course chose to make my Noun Assignment be: SEED.  Enjoy:


Noun Project: Seed

Noun Project: Seed

— Sarah Ginsburg


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