watch a short documentary grow tall…

A week ago today…

we set out in a minivan for Windgarden.

Since then we’ve shot our documentary and had a few days post-return flight to settle back into our respective homes.  Our experience at Windgarden with Victor and his family of both people and trees, is beginning to sink in.  It still has quite a bit of sinking in to do, but I’ll still try my very best to provide an informative and thorough blog post for you.

But first, let’s cover some un-mundane business.
The T-shirts are quite the rage. We owe a huge ol’ thank you to artist and friend, Tabi Musselwhite, who sketched the miniature Victor hanging out on the shirt. If you are due to receive one as a Kickstarter pledge reward and haven’t yet, don’t worry because it’s on the way. If you have received one, take a picture of yourself, your kid, your grandma (this is what I did), or your adorable dog in it and email it our way. We’d like to get a collection of pictures going. This would also help us out in tracking who has received their rewards. Go ahead and email us if you’ve received the reward at, even if you’re feeling too shy to participate in the whole picture shenanigan.

DON’T PANIC! If you were sprinting hard at the very last minute, hoping to jump on our Kickstarter bandwagon but just couldn’t make it, we’ve decided to continue to sell the T-shirts. With a $15.00 donation using our site’s recently added PayPal feature, we can send you a shirt in the size of your choice: Small, Medium, Large, or Extra Large. E-mail us if you’re interested or just plain confused. Still the same email:

for you AND your Grandma to enjoy!

Alright, so…
We’ve started going through the gigantic beast of footage shot in the 5 days we spent in the North West. The first few days, Sarah B., Austin, and myself spent alone with Victor at Windgarden. We were then joined by the rest of the family along with the wonderful additional cameraman Matt Lowe. The head count doubled, changing the dynamic completely. This worked perfectly as we had hoped to catch both scenarios.

Sarah B. started and ended each day by cooking the whole lot of us delicious meals. Victor’s son and grandson could frequently be found playing their saxophones. Austin and Matt, when not shooting and recording bluebird tweets, could be found awkwardly but adorably side-stepping and snapping their fingers to some old Fleetwood Mac records. And of course, Victor could be found out on his land planting seedlings amongst thousands of others planted over the last 10 years.

Below you will find two behind-the-scenes timelapses that I’ve out together for you. To seem as professional as possible, I have decided to call all behind-the-scenes material: THE TRAVEL SERIES: TO WINDGARDEN. Why? I do not know. It sounds better. Thank you for all the pats on the back, words of encouragement, and all around friendship you’ve given. Enjoy the first two installments of THE TRAVEL SERIES.  Mmmm, how (go)PROfessional!

– Sarah G.


click to watch


click to watch


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