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What pleases me…

We’ve all been wondering and asking Victor why he set out to plant 10,000 trees, and he gives us all the simple answer, “I just do what pleases me”.  Pretty great answer, right?  It makes you evaluate your own day to day agenda and although we aren’t all retired, and a lot of us don’t own a big plot of land, are we doing what pleases us?  Okay, enough Carrie Bradshaw-ing from me, but make sure you do atleast one thing today (preferably non-destructive) that simply pleases you.

We know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us, but trust us, a lot has been going on.  I’ll fill you in:

1) KATU got wind of Victor’s endeavor and put together a story like a pack of wizards.  Now, if only we could cut together our documentary in one day…  Watch the piece here.

2) This last Friday, Oregon’s big ol’ newspaper appropriately called The Oregonion, published their story on Victor.  The photographer and writer both made their appearances while the 10,000 Trees crew was up at Windgarden, so we knew this one was coming.

It’s a nice story, so check it out here.


a pensive victor

3) Two of my very good friends, who also happen to be very good musicians, came over to my apartment the other day to chat about a score for the film.  Kristina Blanchflower and Joe Bear (yes, his last name is Bear and he also happens to look and act like one) of Old Bay Records will be using their ukes, mandolins, guitars, and noggins to create some beautiful melodies for us.  David Gottlieb, a composer out of California, will come into the picture this summer as we perfect the rough cut which is due for my BA screening in May.

4) Who out there has been wearing their T-shirts like a proud mother?  We’re getting them out there slowly but surely.  Don’t be shy, hold that camera out and take a Facebook style photo of yourself wearing it, and be sure to get your outstretched arm in the frame.  DON’T FORGET that we’re selling the t-shirts, so it’s not too late to get your hands on one.  Buy a T-shirt here.

5) Sarah B. has been tirelessly transcribing ALL of the footage, I’ve been syncing it all up, and we’ve BOTH been trying to wrap our heads around the story we have at hand.  Progress is being made, we promise you this.  We’ll wet your palette with some screen shots taken directly from the raw footage:


Sarah Ginsburg


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