watch a short documentary grow tall…

Up Above The Tree Tops

So here’s the latest:

After a few weeks of tediously transcribing and logging every moment of footage (we have nearly 200 pages of dialogue), my cramped fingers finally get a break from typing and Sarah G gets her turn to kick it into high gear. She has officially secluded herself from the world until 10,000 Trees is edited to perfection. Literally turning herself into a hermit, she deactivated her facebook account, packed her bags, and is escaping to the cape for a weekend of intense focus. She’s truly the best co-producer/director/editor I could have ever asked for…she does it all, and works so hard!

I am getting super anxious to see 10,000 Trees come together, and I can’t wait to share it with an audience for the first time. I booked my ticket to Boston for our first work in progress screening at Emerson’s BFA/BA Film Showcase on April 28th. Though Sarah G and I plan to continue editing into the summer, the screening at Emerson will be an amazing opportunity to gauge people’s reactions to the story, gather feedback, and build an audience.

Another tidbit I’d like to share is this behind the scenes video of our helicopter shoot…that’s right, I said it, we rented a HELICOPTER! Sarah G. was the brave one who actually flew in it while it had no doors on, hanging out the side with the camera…gives me chills just thinking about that actually… Anyway, check out this video and see for yourself!

More to come soon!

-Sarah B.


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