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Today, I am Mexico…

Why?  Well, because it is Cinco de Mayo and on this day in 1862 the Mexican militia defeated France in a bloody battle…and I just brushed up on this history myself and am too lazy to summarize the rest of history so find out for yourself where I did right HERE!

So, I guess I still haven’t made it clear why I can call myself Mexico today.  I’ll try and keep this simple:  It would appear as if I’m still the underdog (like Mexico in 1862). writing this post from Emerson College, at 9pm at night (a night I should be taking tequila shots, right?) in a tiny little editing suite that always resides at a freezing temperature.  But tonight is different for many reasons.  I’m just about finished with school.  I’ve risen up to a challenge (a motion graphics assignment) and made a great little DVD menu for 10,000 Trees.

Screenshot from Motion Graphics DVD Menu

So, in a nutshell, I have won.  Here are some other victories/updates:

1) We had our first screening at the Kevin Bright Theater on April 28th and because a friend of mine said “there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience”, I’m tempted to say it went over well.  Sarah Berkovich flew in from Chicago just for this screening.  She hadn’t seen the most recent cut, so this was pretty exciting.  If you weren’t there and your just oozing with jealousy because you missed out, DON’T WORRY because…

2) The next screening will be May 15th at about 2pm at the Kevin Bright Theater (in the Paramount which is in downtown crossing, 559 Washington St. Boston, MA 02111).  Our film will be screening with the rest of my classmates’ pieces for Paul Turano’s BA capstone class.  The entire program will go from 11am to 1pm, give the audience a 30 minute intermission/breather, and then continue from 2pm to 3:30pm.  10,000 Trees is going second to last.  Come if you can!  If you can’t and are still oozing with even more jealousy that you’re missing out, DON’T WORRY because…

2.5) We’re thinking of doing a screening at River Gods (my place of occupation in Central Square (Cambridge,MA) pretty soon.  Most likely on a Sunday at 9pm with my very good friends’ (Matt Figler and John Pouliot’s) documentary MOVEMENT.  I’m in love with this piece and would be honored to show our film with this one.

3) DVDs are in the near future.  We are planning on making a few minor changes to the cut we have now, but are planning to get DVDs ready to send to YOU and festivals this summer!  And hey, whadduhyuh know, it’s just about summertime right now!

4) T-shirts are still available.  $15 and you could be walkin’ around with Victor all the time.  You can buy them online through paypal by clicking here!

5) Another reason why I’m a winner?  I’m graduating in a couple weeks.  And then I’m going to Europe.  TAKE THAT FRANCE! (?)


Sarah G.


One response

  1. Sharon Ginbsurg

    Felicidades !No puedo esperar a ver
    10,000 Arboles en la Pantalla Grande !

    May 6, 2011 at 9:46 am

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