watch a short documentary grow tall…

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

For those of you waiting patiently to watch this film, thank you so much for continuing to support us. The film is almost ready to share with the world, and we promise you will be among the first to see it. Here’s a quick recap of what we have been up to lately. Sarah Ginsburg’s BA class had two screenings at the end of the semester. I was able to fly in to Boston and be in the audience at the first screening in the beautiful new Kevin Bright Screening Room at Emerson College. The Paramount Center just opened last year, and it was an amazing venue for our first screening on a big movie theater screen. The film brought tears to everyone’s eyes…literally. I looked around in the middle of the movie and there was not a dry eye in the house. My fear that this story wouldn’t resonate with people was proven totally wrong. I was approached by many people I’d never met after the screening who told me that my grandfather was incredibly inspirational in his own humble way.

After the Emerson screenings, Sarah Ginsburg graduated from Emerson College, moved apartments, and escaped to Europe on a well deserved vacation. In the mean time, I have been preparing materials for film festival submissions. I’m consulting with Emerson faculty, film festival programmers, and experienced filmmakers to help plan the best distribution strategy for our film. I would love nothing more than to see this film come to a theater near you, so we are doing our best to make that happen.

DVDs and digital downloads will be available shortly. I can’t wait to share 10,000 Trees with you! It will be well worth the wait, trust me 😉

-Sarah Berkovich

Kevin Bright Screening Room

Emerson College's Paramount Center


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