watch a short documentary grow tall…

UP(up and away)DATE

Well hello!

Because it is summer, and summer is a time for all play and no work, I’m picturing you reading this by the side of a glamorous pool, sipping a frozen cocktail and maybe even glancing up from the computer to steal a look at that slice of human perfection swimming laps in the crystal clear water.

Right, anyways…here’s a quick little update.

1) Sarah B. and I both had our time away from real life and journeyed overseas.  Now, we’re back and ready to attack the film festival scene.  The press kit is only a few mouse-clicks away from being finished, and should be up on site for you to see (if you wish) in a matter of days.

2) What? Website?  Yeah, our production blog is moving up to the big leagues with an official domain:  You’ll probably see some changes in the next few weeks, perhaps a trailer, a little series of short video’s we’re calling “Victorisms”, some new links, and a whole exciting stuff like that, so check it out.

3) Without the film itself, there’d be no need for a press kit, website or any of that hoo-ha.  So here’s the scoop, I’ve made a few minor changes to the film after consulting with my professor and other filmmaker and non-filmmaker friends.  Austin and I are currently mixing (yes, as I’m typing this) and then it’ll be time to put the DVD together, burn a bunch of copies, send them out to our Kickstarter supporters and fests.  Thanks to everyone for your patience and support.  You’re all okay in our book.

4) You can still buy a T-shirt for $15.00!  Contact us if you’d like one:

We’re so close to being done (for the night) that we’ve broken out the celebratory beers.  Mixing will start again and finish when Austin returns from his 10-day vacay to paradise, some might call it home.

Victory beers!










That’s all for now, folks.  Stay cool, stay happy, and include me in your plans if the pool scenario described above is your summer in reality.

– Sarah G.


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