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Things are happening…here’s what:

1) We’re holding a screening of 10,000 Trees at River Gods in Central Square, Cambridge, MA this coming Sunday, October 16th.  If you have a short attention span, love music, cozy bars, and short docs, then this little event was made for you.  We’re screening our film with another short documentary made by my two dear friends Matt Figler and John Pouliot.  Where does the music come in?  Well, the masterminds behind the score of 10,000 Trees will be performing LIVE at RiverGods before, between, and after the films.  Head to the event page to find out more.

What's Up? Docs and Music

What's Up? Docs and Music

2) Kickstarter DVDs have been mailed out and delivered.  If you haven’t received your copy yet, it should be in the mail.  If you don’t receive it in the next week or decide you want a copy, email us at and we’ll get one to you.

3) ACCEPTANCE!  10,000 Trees has officially been selected to be a part of Yosemite International Film Festival.  We’ve also submitted to a handful of other fests and should be hearing back from those over the next 3-4 months.

I’m planning a trip up to Maine to screen our film for a little school who found our project through Kickstarter.  Waynflete school is in Portland, Maine and their 8th grade students have been studying tree planting in their city, “Forest City”.  On October 12th, the installation in their Gallery, Arboretum, will open and will feature art work, quotes about our relationship with trees, and other projects done by the 8th Grade class.  How fitting!

I hope everybody has been enjoying the beautiful transition into Autumn.  Don’t forget to pick up a leaf and press it in a book.

Sarah G.


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