watch a short documentary grow tall…

sGREENings in Autumn

…why yes, you can find a little green in the fall.

1) The Waynflete School visit went splendidly and I was quite honestly blown away by the work of the 8th grade students.  After we screened the film in the school’s beautiful theater, I was taken on a tour of a gallery filled with ceiling to floor, hand cut, paper trees.  The students’ tree unit also incorporated historical research and a wide array of quotes about what trees provide for humans.  Below, you can watch the students watch the film (it’s not as boring as it sounds), and experience the gallery for yourself.

2) Our What’s Up? Docs and Music event at River Gods was also a success.  We packed the house with eager ears and eyes and had a great night.  After the films, Kristina Blanchflower and Joseph Bear of Old Bay Records (and composers of the 10,000 Trees score) wooed the crowd with their own music.  If you didn’t make it, you can thank your lucky stars. I’ve thrown together a little timelapse accompanied by audio recorded LIVE at the show.

Enjoy this little slideshow of stills from BOTH events!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3) My last bit of NEWS for you is a different and exciting bit.  My roommate, co-worker, and dear friend Jennifer Burpee is a dance teacher and has asked if she can choreograph a competition piece to the “Working Theme” from the 10,000 Trees score!  First I fainted, and then I said “Holy smokes, OF COURSE!”   We then discussed things we could do with the piece after the competition, including projecting the film, Victoresque costumes, and the list could go on.  I’m excited that our little film is dipping it’s toes in all kinds of places.

Thank you Waynflete School for inviting us to be involved in your tree unit.  Thank you for everybody who helped organize and came to What’s Up? Docs and Music night.  And thank you 10,000 Trees family for being our roots and support.



Sarah G.


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