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10,000 things to tell you…

It’s actually right around 5 or 6  things, but it’s a pretty lengthy post so hold on tight.

A wise man and favorite professor of mine, Paul Turano, once told me to not get discouraged over the influx of cold rejection emails from film festivals.  He said that most filmmakers experience about a 10:1 rejection/acceptance ratio.  That’s ten little bundles of your hopes and dreams crumpled up and spit out in your face in exchange for one glimpse of a silver lining.  Like I always say, festivals aren’t the most important thing but they sure are a whole lotta fun.

The following post focuses on our 6 acceptances.  You do the math.

  1. DURANGO Independent Film Festival and hopefully their audience seemed to like us!  10,000 Trees walked away with the Jury Commendation for Documentary Short.  They even sent us our very own laurel:

  2. LA was a short but sweet little adventure.  The Emerson Film Festival was held at the Writer’s Guild in Beverly Hills and showcased a grab bag of films by Emerson Students, including one of my favorites MOVEMENT, made by two of my favorites Matt Figler and John Pouliot.  Current President Dr. Lee Pelton, Former President Jacqueline Liebergott, VMA Chair Jonathan Wacks, and the whole bunch were in attendance, making it close to a full house.  We were honored to be there and shocked to walk away with a gigantic 5K check awarded by Maria Menounos’ non-profit Take Action Hollywood!


Many of my great friends now live in LA and they are really are great because they came out to this screening.  It was wonderful to see a bunch of Emerson faces all at once.  I guess that city really is full of angels.  Thank you, everybody!

3.   POWFest was the third and final stop of my two week movie magic getaway.  Exactly one year after spending a week shooting up at Windgarden,  I found myself sitting at a table with Victor, Ken and the rest of the family.  Because they live in Portland, the Kaufmann family and friends were able to attend our screening.  Victor even got up in front of the audience for the Q&A.


We screened with two other short docs that told stories of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.  If you haven’t already, check out this nice write-up by self-proclaimed film nerd Nick Bruno.

4.   UP NEXT:
March 23 – 31: EcoFocus Film Festival is in Athens, GA where we’ll be screening with This Way of Life.
April 11 – 15: Kansas City FilmFest is in, well, Kansas City.  Details coming soon!
April 26 – 29 : NFFTY takes place in Seattle, WA.  Our film will be a part of the NFFTY Earth program.
May 10 – 19: Santa Cruz Film Festival will be in sunny California of course.  More details coming soon!

5.  TRUE/FALSE is not one of the festivals we got into, but it will always be the festival I hold closest to my heart.  People from all over the world trek to the middle of America, my hometown, Columbia, MO.  For four days, T/F attendees are swallowed up by an incredible array of documentary films, foot-stompin’ music, better-than-gourmet food, way too much beer, and all around fun.


Here are some of my top favorites that I suggest you see as soon as possible.

Argentinian Lesson by Woiciech Staroń
Searching for Sugarman by Malik Bendjelloul’s
Gypsy Davy by Rachel Leah Jones
Bully by Lee Hirsch

Actually, just try and see em’ all.  Here’s the program for you.

It’s been exciting and rewarding to actually see people see this film.  This is what we wanted from the beginning, to share Victor’s story, a story that inspired us, with others.  Because of you and the love you’ve given to this project, 10,000 Trees has been able to reach its little branches all over the place.  Thank YOU to the moon and back.


Sarah G.


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