watch a short documentary grow tall…

Nods of Approval

Some nice things people have said…

“Victor’s passion will inspire us to take a look at how we are treating our planet and what contributions, however small they may seem, can have a lasting impact… I know that I, for one, want to hear the rest of Victor’s story and see that final tree planted. What an amazing man.”
– Andrea Paulin, Under A Blue Moon Blog

“I to am a film maker currently in production of a documentary and because of the content of my own production felt yours was right in line with it.  We should all support each others work as filmmakers striving to tell great stories.  Good luck with your production and you have the full support of Full Spectrum Films.”
– Douglas Alford, Owner of Full Spectrum Films

“Thank you for sharing this story with us.  I think it is so inspiring and so beautiful. Congratulate your grandfather from me for an incredible achievement.”
– Cass Forkin, Founder and Executive Director of The Twilight Wish Foundation

“Stories like this are so inspiring to me- a real girl with a dream and a passion who is doing whatever she can to accomplish her goal. thanks so much for sharing, Sarah!”
– Julia, Free People Blog

“It’s such an amazing story, one that started with a single man’s goal to create a better world, and ended up become the passion of two young girls…
Truly a reminder to follow our dreams.”
– Jackie K., Purple Monkey Blog

“Sometimes, a good, solid story does the trick. I just pledged $25 to help Sarah Ginsburg and Sarah Berkovich’s inspiring documentary, “10,000 Trees” get made. It’s the story of 84-year-old Victor Kaufmann and how, with his 10,000th (and final) seedling, a barren plot of land in Lyle, Wash. is has been brought back to its natural roots — no pun intended. With 23 days to go, the project is well over halfway funded.”
– Pedro Hernandez, EcoInsite

“Oswald is pleased that his former student ‘decided to develop her project into a documentary film, but I’m not too surprised. Emerson students are so bright and creative that you just need to get them pointed in the right direction and they can do amazing things.'”
– Hayley Peterson, Emerson College Today

“Sounds like a beautiful story…And I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that film festival goers somewhere will get a chance to see Victor’s legacy brought to the screen.”
– Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, SUNfiltered (Sundance Blog)