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UP(up and away)DATE

Well hello!

Because it is summer, and summer is a time for all play and no work, I’m picturing you reading this by the side of a glamorous pool, sipping a frozen cocktail and maybe even glancing up from the computer to steal a look at that slice of human perfection swimming laps in the crystal clear water.

Right, anyways…here’s a quick little update.

1) Sarah B. and I both had our time away from real life and journeyed overseas.  Now, we’re back and ready to attack the film festival scene.  The press kit is only a few mouse-clicks away from being finished, and should be up on site for you to see (if you wish) in a matter of days.

2) What? Website?  Yeah, our production blog is moving up to the big leagues with an official domain:  You’ll probably see some changes in the next few weeks, perhaps a trailer, a little series of short video’s we’re calling “Victorisms”, some new links, and a whole exciting stuff like that, so check it out.

3) Without the film itself, there’d be no need for a press kit, website or any of that hoo-ha.  So here’s the scoop, I’ve made a few minor changes to the film after consulting with my professor and other filmmaker and non-filmmaker friends.  Austin and I are currently mixing (yes, as I’m typing this) and then it’ll be time to put the DVD together, burn a bunch of copies, send them out to our Kickstarter supporters and fests.  Thanks to everyone for your patience and support.  You’re all okay in our book.

4) You can still buy a T-shirt for $15.00!  Contact us if you’d like one:

We’re so close to being done (for the night) that we’ve broken out the celebratory beers.  Mixing will start again and finish when Austin returns from his 10-day vacay to paradise, some might call it home.

Victory beers!










That’s all for now, folks.  Stay cool, stay happy, and include me in your plans if the pool scenario described above is your summer in reality.

– Sarah G.


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

For those of you waiting patiently to watch this film, thank you so much for continuing to support us. The film is almost ready to share with the world, and we promise you will be among the first to see it. Here’s a quick recap of what we have been up to lately. Sarah Ginsburg’s BA class had two screenings at the end of the semester. I was able to fly in to Boston and be in the audience at the first screening in the beautiful new Kevin Bright Screening Room at Emerson College. The Paramount Center just opened last year, and it was an amazing venue for our first screening on a big movie theater screen. The film brought tears to everyone’s eyes…literally. I looked around in the middle of the movie and there was not a dry eye in the house. My fear that this story wouldn’t resonate with people was proven totally wrong. I was approached by many people I’d never met after the screening who told me that my grandfather was incredibly inspirational in his own humble way.

After the Emerson screenings, Sarah Ginsburg graduated from Emerson College, moved apartments, and escaped to Europe on a well deserved vacation. In the mean time, I have been preparing materials for film festival submissions. I’m consulting with Emerson faculty, film festival programmers, and experienced filmmakers to help plan the best distribution strategy for our film. I would love nothing more than to see this film come to a theater near you, so we are doing our best to make that happen.

DVDs and digital downloads will be available shortly. I can’t wait to share 10,000 Trees with you! It will be well worth the wait, trust me 😉

-Sarah Berkovich

Kevin Bright Screening Room

Emerson College's Paramount Center

no time for cute/funny/creative post titles: SCREENING TOMORROW


Paramount Theater’s Bright Family Screening Room

559 Washington St

Boston, MA 02111

Today, I am Mexico…

Why?  Well, because it is Cinco de Mayo and on this day in 1862 the Mexican militia defeated France in a bloody battle…and I just brushed up on this history myself and am too lazy to summarize the rest of history so find out for yourself where I did right HERE!

So, I guess I still haven’t made it clear why I can call myself Mexico today.  I’ll try and keep this simple:  It would appear as if I’m still the underdog (like Mexico in 1862). writing this post from Emerson College, at 9pm at night (a night I should be taking tequila shots, right?) in a tiny little editing suite that always resides at a freezing temperature.  But tonight is different for many reasons.  I’m just about finished with school.  I’ve risen up to a challenge (a motion graphics assignment) and made a great little DVD menu for 10,000 Trees.

Screenshot from Motion Graphics DVD Menu

So, in a nutshell, I have won.  Here are some other victories/updates:

1) We had our first screening at the Kevin Bright Theater on April 28th and because a friend of mine said “there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience”, I’m tempted to say it went over well.  Sarah Berkovich flew in from Chicago just for this screening.  She hadn’t seen the most recent cut, so this was pretty exciting.  If you weren’t there and your just oozing with jealousy because you missed out, DON’T WORRY because…

2) The next screening will be May 15th at about 2pm at the Kevin Bright Theater (in the Paramount which is in downtown crossing, 559 Washington St. Boston, MA 02111).  Our film will be screening with the rest of my classmates’ pieces for Paul Turano’s BA capstone class.  The entire program will go from 11am to 1pm, give the audience a 30 minute intermission/breather, and then continue from 2pm to 3:30pm.  10,000 Trees is going second to last.  Come if you can!  If you can’t and are still oozing with even more jealousy that you’re missing out, DON’T WORRY because…

2.5) We’re thinking of doing a screening at River Gods (my place of occupation in Central Square (Cambridge,MA) pretty soon.  Most likely on a Sunday at 9pm with my very good friends’ (Matt Figler and John Pouliot’s) documentary MOVEMENT.  I’m in love with this piece and would be honored to show our film with this one.

3) DVDs are in the near future.  We are planning on making a few minor changes to the cut we have now, but are planning to get DVDs ready to send to YOU and festivals this summer!  And hey, whadduhyuh know, it’s just about summertime right now!

4) T-shirts are still available.  $15 and you could be walkin’ around with Victor all the time.  You can buy them online through paypal by clicking here!

5) Another reason why I’m a winner?  I’m graduating in a couple weeks.  And then I’m going to Europe.  TAKE THAT FRANCE! (?)


Sarah G.

This was supposed to be posted with Mix A…

but I was too tired.  Now I will post two.  The second one is actually from Mix A at this very moment as Austin puts the finishing touches on the sounds that will hit your ears.  It’s 8:48am…I’m not familiar with this time of day.

Greetings from Mix A!


Firstly, open your ears to a little preview of the 10,000 Trees score by Old Bay Records. This timelapse documents the recording of the music. Listen, watch, enjoy:

Right now, at this very moment that these words are leaving my brain, traveling to my fingers and appearing on the screen for you to read, I sit next to Mix Master Audio Extraordinaire Austin Plocher.

On top of trekking all the way to Lyle, Washington to record the sounds of Victor and his trees, Austin is doing all the mixing for the film as well.

So we all know that organizing, structuring, figuring out a story, and then editing together a documentary takes a very long time.  We also know there are more steps than that but no need to list em’ all out.  Considering this information, the editing of 10,000 Trees is going swimmingly.

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve spent about 90% of the free moments I have had editing this film.  I feel like the struggles I’ve been dealing with are some wonderful struggles to have:  incredible characters who say way too many amazing things in too beautiful of  a setting.  Many of my hours are spent banging my head on the desk or against some wall or lamp.  Why the banging of the head?  Because I’ve had to wave goodbye to these little pieces of footage that I’ve become so attached to.  Knowing that too much of a good thing can be bad, or overkill, I’ve put on my hardhat, made some hard decisions, and kept the components necessary to make a great story.

If you’ve noticed my jibber jabber and long-winded explanations, I do apologize.  I never got around to resting my eyes last night as I was plugging away on the cut, making sure it was done for today’s mix.

Our mixed and color corrected pieces are due to Chrissy this Monday (4/25) for our April 28th screening in the Kevin Bright Screening Room.  Don’t worry, there are more screenings coming up right around graduation.

So, you stay tuned!  Austin will mix! and I will finally sleep!

Yours truly,

Sarah Ginsburg

Up Above The Tree Tops

So here’s the latest:

After a few weeks of tediously transcribing and logging every moment of footage (we have nearly 200 pages of dialogue), my cramped fingers finally get a break from typing and Sarah G gets her turn to kick it into high gear. She has officially secluded herself from the world until 10,000 Trees is edited to perfection. Literally turning herself into a hermit, she deactivated her facebook account, packed her bags, and is escaping to the cape for a weekend of intense focus. She’s truly the best co-producer/director/editor I could have ever asked for…she does it all, and works so hard!

I am getting super anxious to see 10,000 Trees come together, and I can’t wait to share it with an audience for the first time. I booked my ticket to Boston for our first work in progress screening at Emerson’s BFA/BA Film Showcase on April 28th. Though Sarah G and I plan to continue editing into the summer, the screening at Emerson will be an amazing opportunity to gauge people’s reactions to the story, gather feedback, and build an audience.

Another tidbit I’d like to share is this behind the scenes video of our helicopter shoot…that’s right, I said it, we rented a HELICOPTER! Sarah G. was the brave one who actually flew in it while it had no doors on, hanging out the side with the camera…gives me chills just thinking about that actually… Anyway, check out this video and see for yourself!

More to come soon!

-Sarah B.