watch a short documentary grow tall…

The Story

To some, age is only a number; 85-year-old Victor Kaufmann embraces this philosophy as he meets his lifelong goal and plants his 10,000th tree. 

In 2001, Victor Kaufmann looked at his plot of land in Lyle, Washington and realized that something was missing: trees.  10,000 Trees is the story of Victor actualizing his vision and finding fulfillment, eighty-five years young.  Despite the physical hurdles that accompany age, Victor embraces both the spring season and life itself as he prepares to plant his final seedling.  It doesn’t bother Victor to know his age will prevent him from witnessing his trees become a grand forest.  Instead, he sees himself as “a friendly observer as life grows the plant.”  This film makes us ask ourselves what we aim to grow in this lifetime, and it’s Victor who gently teaches us that it’s never too late to begin. 




10,000 Trees Press Kit