watch a short documentary grow tall…

We appreciate…

your support.

All of you who have broken your personal morals and spammed the inboxes of your co-workers, family, and friends with our project email.

All of you who have posted our Kickstarter link on the almighty Facebook.  You may not realize this, but your post probably got your biggest facebook stalker curious enough to donate.

All of you who have pledged personal, hard-earned money.  It’s never fun asking for money, but we promise that you’ll see tons of green in the long run…in the form of trees (of course), by way of the documentary you directly helped make happen.


Here is our ever-growing list of contributors we’ve been able to keep track of and document in digital-ink.  We’re listing those that didn’t want recognition, those that made up a funny alias that caused laughter, and even those that gave up after made them sign up with Amazon.

Every person involved is proof that Victor’s selfless way of life does rub off.  Look at all of you…

Adam Mazo
Adele & Jim Crawford
Alanna Bauer
Alec Pom
Ali Rubinfeld
Alyssa Trecha
Amanda Sargent
Andrea Paulin
Anitra Winje
Ann Ferracane
Anna Hoskins
Андрей Харланов
Arlene Nickel
Barbara Berkovich
Bonnie Trickey
Brian Emerson
Brian Lane Winfield Moore
Brian Misiewicz
Bridget Duffy
Brooke Beussink
Carol Gunby
Catherine Stevenson
Christine Evans
Cynthia Wexler
Daniel Weagley
Daniela Mastropietro
David Bishko
David A. Smith
David Chenn
Debra Taevs
Dersu Rhodes
Don Waintraub
Don & Sharon Ginsburg
Douglas Alford
Eileen Elrod
Emma Gray
Erin Meyer
Francis Petrie
Fumiko Ross
Gabriela Gottlieb
Garrett Zevgetis
George Watsky
Gregory Han
Hanne Louise Houen
Ian Catmur
J.M. Toole
Jackson Hunt
Janet Oxenhandler
Janice Sapinski
Jeff Ledellaytner
Jeff Melin
Jeffrey Abramson
Jennifer Larmie
Jennifer Lynn
Jerry Price
Jessica Ingram
Jessica Neary
Jimmy Weagley
Joe Meyer
John Keyes
Jonathan Sessions
Joseph Ferreira
Joseph Henry
Julianne Weagley
Julie Lavoie
Justin Hawkins
Kate Finley
Kelly Hansen
Ken & Martine Kaufmann
Kevin & Olga Faubel
Kristen Hargrave
Kristin Koenig-Morel
Kristina Blanchflower
Kyle S. Glowacky
Kyra Hill
Laura Sreebny
Lauren Cunningham
Lauren Haug
Lauren Lechtner
Leah Kennett
Lindsey Gordon
Lukas Matthews
Lynette Nickel
Maeri Hedstrom
Malika Moro-Cohen
Marvin Gardens
Mary Ginsburg (in memory of Larry Ginsburg)
Matt Cone
Megan Helzner
Meredith Pomeroy
Michael Ackerman
Michael Atkinson
Michael DaSilva
Mike Fiore
Nancy Hillel
Nancy White
Nathaniel Hansen
Ofer Gal
Pam Weagley
Paula Ginsburg
Pedro Hernandez
Phil & Terri Hoskins
Planen Anhanger
P.H. O’Brien
Rebecca W.
Ric Wolkowitz
River Gods 10,000 TREES OF LOVE (Fundraising Event)
Robert & Susan Ginsburg
Ronald Rosenberg
Ryan Bonnick
Ryan Lammi
Ryland Brooks
Sam Liu
Sarah Catlin-Dupuy
Sarah Morton
Steven Beaver
Steven Greenberg
Sudha Sahai
Susan Major
Talia Ralph
Ted Rogers
Thomas of Pearl Lake Distributors
Tim Crowder
Travis Kelley
Wendell Coonce
Wendy Tudor Jogia
Wyatt Oswald
Yael Gottlieb

Andrea Paulin, Under A Blue Moon
Julia Keim, Free People/BLDG 25
Pedro Fernandez, EcoINSITE
Alexa Fornoff, ReadyMade
Eva, Four Leaf Clover
Hayley Peterson, Emerson College

Other Contributors:
Ali Rubinfeld, Kickstarter Video PD
Jackson Hunt, Kickstarter Video DP
Nathaniel Hansen, Kickstarter Advisor